Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Work with Licensed Contractors for Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Eliminate waste problems with aerobic septic system maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions has a highly trained team that can install and maintain septic systems, as well as improve your gardens with aerobic systems that add vitality to the greenery around your home.

Pete's Treat Team
GRAF Septic

Little Known Facts about Aerobic Septic System Installation

Many homeowners haven’t considered what an aerobic septic system can do for them, or how licensed technicians can help:

  • We have technicians available 24/7 so that you can get immediate service any time something goes wrong with your system. The last thing that you want when you have a faulty aerobic septic system pump is being left without a solution, so our team is ready to spring into action whenever you need us.
  • Petes Treat is South Australia’s licensed Graf EPro distributor, meaning we have access to the best products on the market for aerobic septic systems and wastewater treatment. These systems are Approved for use in residential areas
  • Wastewater doesn’t have to be a waste. You can use systems such as the Graf EPro15 to take your house’s waste, treat it, then turn it into clean water for your decorative shrubs, natives, Do Not use treated water for your lawn or vegetables, subsurface irrigation may be used for lawns.

Signs You Should Invest in Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Providers

No one wants to fix their septic system, but occasionally problems arise. If you encounter any of the following issues, then you should contact us to service your system.

  • Pump running more or less frequently. Generally, your pump will either run on a timer or constantly work at a relatively low level. If your pump begins working more frequently than before or stops working at times that it used to function, you should have it examined.
  • Loose fittings and air leaks. You should never notice any visible leaks or smell unusual odours coming from your septic system. If you encounter either of these issues, the odds are that part of the system needs to be repaired or replaced, so contact us immediately.
  • Unusual noises from the system. Most aerobic septic systems are quiet and should operate without regular intervention. One common sign that there’s a problem with the pump or another part of the system is that you can hear it when you shouldn’t. Take this warning sign to heart and immediately schedule septic system service before the problem becomes worse.

Why You Should Use Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions

You can always rely on Petes Treat to be there when you need us. We’ll help you keep your home and yard free from contamination, use high-tech systems that safely treat your wastewater, and have experience with installations and maintenance. For more than 17 years, we’ve served families like yours across South Australia, so if you’ve experienced any trouble with your septic system, contact us today.