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Finding Help When You Want to Know More About an Aerobic Septic System

When access to a typical sewer system is impossible or unfeasible, installing an aerobic septic system is a popular alternative. At Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions, we offer both installation and support services for these systems. With our help, there’s no need to hold your nose to try and follow an ill-advised DIY tutorial. We’ll handle it all for you instead, leaving you with clean hands and a sense of confidence. How can we help?

Services Related to an Aerobic Septic Tank System We Also Provide

Aside from the supply and installation of the versatile GRAF EPro septic tank system, we also offer:

  • Aerobic system servicing. After installation, quarterly maintenance and upkeep is a must to keep your aeration septic tank system in good working order, and also to maintain compliance to SA Regulations.
  • Safety signage and compliance assurance. Aerobic systems produce water that is safe enough for watering certain hardy plants,but which we should avoid actual contact with when possible. We can furnish reclaimed water signs that warn people about the non-potability of this water.
  • Household cleaners that are safe for putting down the drain and into your Aerobic System. Use the wrong cleaners, and you could accidentally kill the bacteria that make your system work. Ecocare Activator, on the other hand, does not.

Key Questions to Ask Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions About an Aerobic Water System

Thinking about investing in a GRAF system? Give us a call to discuss a few common questions, such as:

  • How does this system work? What are the advantages it offers over an anaerobic system? Aerobic systems can provide a range of benefits to their users, including access to reclaimed water, but they might not always be the right choice for your home. We can help you to explore all your options.
  • What kind of watering applications can I explore with the reclaimed water my new system will provide? Knowing where and when it’s safe to use the tank sprayers is another critical piece of information we can explain.
  • How long will installation take, and what’s involved in the process? We understand that the idea of digging up your property to install a tank for sewage is not any homeowner’s idea of a good time. Our proven and trusted aerobic septic installation process is quick and aims to minimise disruptions as much as possible.
  • What type of servicing will I need to keep my aerobic waste water system in good shape, and how often should I call for help? Solid wastes that don’t break down turn into a sludge that sinks to the bottom of your tank. We can explore the right schedule you should follow for pumping out this sludge.Quarterly servicing is compulsory as it is a SA Health requirement.

We’re happy to consult with those interested in investing in these solutions.

Why Trust Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions Regarding an Aeration waste water System?

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to all our techs and our core team. We go above and beyond on every job to deliver excellent results and the knowledge that your system will continue to function correctly. Why worry about the potential for an emergency every time you flush when you can put your mind at ease instead? Give us a ring today for a chat about what can offer.