Aerobic Septic Treatment

Protect Your Home with Aerobic Septic Treatment and Maintenance

It’s a messy job, but when you need a team to help you with aerobic septic treatment or to provide emergency maintenance for your septic system, Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions is the team you should seek. We’re focused on one aspect of your home and know the ins and outs of how to keep these systems running safely and cleanly for your family’s wellbeing.


Related Services We Provide to Aerobic Sewage Treatment

Your home relies on a functioning aerobic sewage treatment plant so that your garden stays fresh, you don’t get any unwanted odours, and you avoid health issues that can come from contaminated water lines. Our team maintains your systems and also provides other helpful services:

  • Ecocare Activator – We have a specially-formulated activator that you can use on all your drains and toilet bowls. This activator is safe for use and biodegradable so that it won’t leave any residue anywhere in your home. It will eliminate odours and help maintain your septic system between services.
  • Decorative Rainwater Tanks – If you cannot or don’t want to install your tank underground, then you can use our high-quality decorative tanks. These tanks are weather-resistant, function as well as more utilitarian designs, and completely child-proof.
  • Aerobic System Service – Regardless of what kind of service you need, our technicians can help you resolve it. We’ll clear out blockages and restore functionality so that you don’t experience any system backups.

Petes Treat has a dedicated team that’s trained in sales, maintenance, and service for your septic system. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’re happy to address them.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems in South Australia

Over the years, we’ve acquired some practical wisdom that can guide you in the right direction. When thinking about your system, keep the following points in mind:

  • Don’t trust random people to have access to your wastewater systems. These systems are involved in protecting the environment around your home, so if you can’t rely on a company that will correctly address the problems, then you’re setting yourself for more complications and potentially more issues. Our technicians will always wear branded uniforms and drive branded vehicles so that you know which team is working on your aerobic sewage treatment system.
  • You can’t afford any unnecessary delays when it comes to servicing your aerobic septic systems. Our team is spread throughout the state and uses technicians that live and work near your location. As a result, when you contact us for assistance with your aerobic wastewater treatment systems, we’ll be onsite and addressing the problems before you know it.
  • Messy systems aren’t any less deserving of high-quality technology. Our GRAF systems use German engineering to provide adequate controls, safe boundaries, and clean solutions to your home’s septic system.

What Makes Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions a Reputable Service?

Since 2007, Petes Treat has been dealing with the dirty jobs that homeowners need someone to handle. We’re licensed to take care of these problematic and undesirable jobs so that you don’t have to handle them yourself. If you’re having problems with your aerobic septic system, contact Petes Treat to work with a team that will deal with the mess for you and let your home operate the way that it should. Book an appointment today to schedule the service you need.