Aerobic Treatment Unit

Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions Supplies, Installs, and Services an Aerobic Treatment Unit

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions is well known in the industry for the high quality of service our team of technicians provides when installing and maintaining systems such as an aerobic treatment unit. An aerobic unit operates similarly to a traditional septic system but offers further wastewater treatment,once treated, you can use the water for irrigation Our experienced and friendly staff are only a call away to offer their advice on your current system or to help get you a better one.


What You Can Expect from Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions Regarding an Aerobic Treatment Plant

When you contact us for service on your existing system or to enquire about the high-quality systems we supply and install, you can expect second to none customer service. A few of the details include:

  • Servicing to the SA Health On Site Waste Water Systems Code 2013
  • Our fully trained technicians (The Aerobic Waste Water Treatment System Servicing & Maintenance TAFE Qualified) use the best maintenance and safety equipment and always follow procedures, ensuring their safety as well as your systems.
  • We are the South Australia distributor for the GRAF EPro system, a high-quality German designed system many consider to be a superior product.
  • The innovative digital scheduling and invoice system enable us to offer a quicker response and helps our customers track our scheduled visits.

Signs You Should Invest in an Aerobic Treatment System

Most homeowners do not give much thought to the type of wastewater treatment system in their home, at least as long as their current system is still providing for them. Aerobic systems are more complex than traditional septic units, but they come with benefits that make them an excellent choice for many homeowners. Here are a few signs to look for when considering a new wastewater solution:

  • The suspended growth process used in an aerobic treatment system adds air to the water to promote the growth of good bacteria. As these bacteria digest biological waste, the undigestible solids settle. This process is similar to large scale sewage treatment, and you can use the water for more purposes than traditional septic tanks, essential for those in areas with limited water for irrigation.
  • The aerobic process needs a constant supply of biological waste to maintain its colony. An aerobic system is probably not the best option for vacation homes with limited periods of occupancy.
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Why Trust Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions Regarding Aerobic Water Treatment Systems

Our clients trust in the high quality and durability of the water treatment systems we supply and the responsiveness and professionalism of our team of technicians. If your septic or wastewater treatment system requires service, you want it fixed as fast as possible. Our technicians are spread throughout the state to ensure we can reach you quickly, 24/7, if there is a problem with your current system. When you have to upgrade, we will provide our unbiased advice based on your unique circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and advantages of an aerobic water treatment system and how we can keep it running its best.