Finding Help When You Want to Know More About an Aerobic Septic System

When access to a typical sewer system is impossible or unfeasible, installing an aerobic septic system is a popular alternative. At Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions, we offer both installation and support services for these systems. With our help, there’s no need to hold your nose to try and follow an ill-advised DIY tutorial. We’ll handle it all for you instead, leaving you with clean hands and a sense of confidence. How can we help? …read more

Get Servicing for Your BioCycle Wastewater System from Petes Treat

BioCycle is a brand known throughout Australia for manufacturing residential wastewater treatment systems. It separates wastewater into its different liquid and solid components and then uses both aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria to digest the waste and clean the water. The treated water is thus safe to recycle, which the BioCycle system does through sprinklers, subsurface irrigation or garden drippers. …read more

Aerobic Treatment Unit

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions is well known in the industry for the high quality of service our team of technicians provides when installing and maintaining systems such as an aerobic treatment unit. An aerobic unit operates similarly to a traditional septic system but offers further wastewater treatment,once treated, you can use the water for irrigation Our experienced and friendly staff are only a call away to offer their advice on your current system or to help get you a better one. …read more

Servicing GRAF EPro Aerobic Systems is Simpler Than You Think

The GRAF EPro aerobic system is one of Australia’s leading choices for Aerobic/septic systems, and for good reason — it avoids many of the problems concrete tanks often develop, and it’s a low-maintenance solution that’s good for years. Every septic system, though, no matter the manufacturer, needs regular quarterly service. At Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions, we’re ready to spring into action to help you, whether it’s an emergency or time for regular maintenance. …read more

What You Need to Know about Aerobic System / Septic Maintenance

If you are using a aerobic / septic wastewater treatment system at your home, then you need to know when (and why) to call for maintenance. At Petes Treat, we can help. We regularly work with clients to provide maintenance and servicing for aerobic wastewater treatment systems. If you think you are due for a system service or are wondering how to know for sure when your system needs upkeep, we can help. …read more

Get a Professional Service and Repair for Your Aerobic/Septic System

At Petes Treats Waste Water Solutions, we have been servicing Aerobic septic systems for more than a decade. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have a wealth of knowledge and use the latest equipment to ensure that your system is working efficiently. We service a wide range of aerobic systems and are adept at sales, maintenance, repairs and installations. Our technicians provide a prompt response with 24-hours phone support a day and excellent customer service. …read more

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions Offers Septic Tank Water Treatment

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions has become well-known for the quality of the services and products we offer, and that includes septic tank water treatment. Septic tank sewage treatment is not something most homeowners want to think about. With our advanced German designed and manufactured systems and Ecocare range of products, you won’t have to devote any time worrying about it. Our professional and friendly team of techs service existing systems as well. …read more

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions Can Supply and Install Your System

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions and our team of fully-trained and qualified technicians are here to supply, install and do maintenance on your wastewater system. The septic tank for your home performs a vital function; one most homeowners prefer to ignore when it is working well. When your wastewater system breaks or you are interested in one of the high-quality German designed and manufactured systems we supply and install, contact our team of technicians and we will handle it. …read more

Work with Licensed Contractors for Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Eliminate waste problems with aerobic septic system maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions has a highly trained team that can install and maintain septic systems, as well as improve your gardens with aerobic systems that add vitality to the greenery around your home. …read more

Protect Your Home with Aerobic Septic Treatment and Maintenance

It’s a messy job, but when you need a team to help you with aerobic septic treatment or to provide emergency maintenance for your septic system, Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions is the team you should seek. We’re focused on one aspect of your home and know the ins and outs of how to keep these systems running safely and cleanly for your family’s wellbeing. …read more

Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions Services Envirocycle Systems

Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions and our experienced team of fully-trained technicians are just a phone call away twenty-four hours a day to service your septic or wastewater treatment system, and that includes Envirocycle. An  environmentally friendly solution to difficult septic problems. Envirocycle is often used as a generic term for aerobic systems but is a brand in its own right. When your system requires servicing, one of our technicians will arrive quickly to take care of the problem. …read more

Safely Treat Wastewater from Your Home with Graf EPro Septic Pumps

Modern plumbing is one of the everyday conveniences that Australian homeowners take for granted until their septic pumps stop working properly. This unsightly problem affects nearly every family sooner or later, and it’s an issue that doesn’t allow you to ignore it for long. If you’re experiencing issues with your septic tank or aerobic pump, then read below to learn some simple ways that you can troubleshoot the issue and when you should call us for emergency service. …read more

Benefits of a Service on Your Septic System

A professional technician will look for any issues such as cracks or small blockages during their inspection. They can quickly remedy the situation and prevent these issues leading to costly or dangerous problems. …read more

Get Your Pipes Cleaned out Get Our Septic Tank System

Rather than waste your time trying to join a sewage system, get a septic tank system that works for you. Our tanks are high quality, and our technicians are trained to deal with any situation. At Pete’s Treat, we offer a variety of products to choose from, all of which are of the maximum quality. …read more

Don’t Waste Your Time. Get Our Septic Water System

Pete’s Treat offers a septic water system solution that treats your waste for you, keeping it out of your hands and mind. Our technicians maintain and service the products we provide. Here are some of our services. …read more