GRAF EPro Aerobic System

Servicing GRAF EPro Aerobic Systems is Simpler Than You Think

The GRAF EPro aerobic system is one of Australia’s leading choices for Aerobic/septic systems, and for good reason — it avoids many of the problems concrete tanks often develop, and it’s a low-maintenance solution that’s good for years. Every septic system, though, no matter the manufacturer, needs regular quarterly service. At Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions, we’re ready to spring into action to help you, whether it’s an emergency or time for regular maintenance.

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Problems with Ozzi Kleen Products and All Brands of Aerobic Systems We Can Help to Address

Ozzi Kleen is among the many major brands which we are licenced to service. What are some of the central problems our technicians can address for you?

  • Sprayers that are not in a good location or which have ceased functioning. Your sprayers are an essential part of the system as they allow for the “treated” water to disperse evenly without pooling or run off. If your sprayers aren’t irrigating the right area, or you’ve noticed damage, contact us immediately. We’ll address the issue quickly to prevent any serious issues with your tank and its compliance.
  • Strong odours that persist. Some occasional smells are normal, but if you can regularly detect a foul smell near the elements of your installation, it likely indicates something is not correct in the tank itself. This problem could be an imbalance with the aerobic environment inside your tank. Our team will look into the issue for a prompt resolution.
  • General operational concerns. While there are not many parts to these systems, components can and do fail over extended periods. Ensure that your system undergoes an in-depth inspection to reveal issues before the development of bigger problems.
  • Difficulty in addressing regular servicing. Every Aerobic system should be serviced quarterly or as required by local council regulations. Removing the sludge from the tank and ensuring it can continue to operate effectively are important parts of this service. If you’ve struggled to find help from companies you feel you cant trust, turn to Petes Treat. We’ll have your tank serviced in no time and ready for continued use.

We make these same services available no matter the type of aerobic system you have.

The Benefits of Septech Service from Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions

Why opt for our help with solving those problems outlined above? Consider the advantages we’re able to provide for our clients:

  • A quick response and an on-time arrival from our local technicians. All our highly-qualified, certified, and trained technicians work from home, allowing for the most rapid response time possible. Even in emergencies, we spring into action quickly for our clients.
  • Friendly service with a smile and a “can-do” attitude. We know there’s not much that’s fun about dealing with this process — frankly, it stinks! That doesn’t mean we can’t show up with a smile. Our goal: handle the issue for you while you relax and take your mind off the problem altogether.
  • Technology-enabled efforts that make the service process both quicker and less stressful for property owners. All our techs have mobile tablets preloaded with a wealth of software for streamlining service visits. This software includes rapid report generation and easy digital invoicing for your records.
  • Clear solutions and proven results for your peace of mind. With years of experience, we know a thing or two about these installations. From GRAF, Septreat and Supertreat to Aqua Nova, Septech, Envirocycle, we’re adept at servicing your tank no matter the manufacturer.
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Related Services We Provide Alongside RI Treat Servicing

At Petes Treat, we don’t limit ourselves to dealing with only the worst-smelling problems — we’re adept at helping with many needs related to your septic system. How else can we support you? We provide:

  • Easy access to reclaimed water signs. One of the advantages of using a GRAF EPro or Aqua Nova septic system is the ability to reclaim some of the wastewater generated by your home to use for watering shrubs and trees. Now you can keep these plants looking good all year round without over-taxing water resources or driving up your bill. However, because of the nature of the treated water, you’ll still need to ensure that anyone nearby knows it is not potable. We sell highly visible reclaimed water signs ideal for this purpose.
  • A resource for purchasing Ecocare Activator, an incredibly versatile all-around cleaner. Ideal for eliminating troublesome and unpleasant odours around the house, Ecocare Activator also features a formulation for tackling issues within your septic tank. A regular application of the product contributes to eliminating grease and fat build up, deodorising the tank, and maintaining the efficiency of your aerobic system. It’s biodegradable and safe for the environment, too — much better than some of the alternatives which rely on harsh chemicals.
  • New system installation. Don’t have a septic system yet, or need to replace an ageing tank? We can help. With the GRAF EPro Aerobic system, your home gains access to a robust septic setup tailored to the specific needs of your space. With adjustable cycles, all-plastic construction, and no delicate moving parts which can fail, it’s a leading solution for a reason.

Explore these solutions now and consider how much easier it can be to manage your wastewater.

Why Trust Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions with Your Aqua Nova System?

With more than eight years in business and a wealth of collective experience, Petes Treat is a versatile service provider that offers superior results. We’re proud to say that we service Aerobic septic systems regardless of initial manufacturer or provider because we believe you deserve to know these critical installations work as intended. Our techs emphasise a good experience for our clients — we’ll leave you with a smile on your face after a job well done. Book service from our team or request more information about the GRAF EPro system today when you contact us online.