Septic Service

Benefits of a Service on Your Septic System

There are numerous benefits to servicing your system, including:

  • Fixing problems early: A professional technician will look for any issues such as cracks or small blockages during their inspection. They can quickly remedy the situation and prevent these issues leading to costly or dangerous problems.
  • Tips for expanding the life of your system: A septic service contractor can indicate whether you need to make any lifestyle changes to help take better care of your system. These tips may include what items not to put down the drain or decreasing the amount of water you run through your system.
  • Not worrying about sewage backups: Regular servicing of your system will help you to keep on top of pumping your tank and prevent sewage from leaking onto your property. Pumping your tank before it’s full will also ensure that your drains flow freely.

A Short Buyers Guide to a Septic System Service

A professional contractor can do a comprehensive inspection of your septic system to ensure that it is working correctly and repair any issues before they become a costly problem. An inspection can include:

  • Locating the system: If it has been a while or you just moved into a new property, take some time to locate the tank before your technician arrives. This preparation will save you time and money. A helpful indication of where your system is located is to look for any visible pipes and see which direction they flow out of your house.
  • Uncover the utility hole and inspection ports: You may be required to dig up your property to reveal the inspection sites if they are buried. To future proof your system, have your contractor install risers or elevated covers to make for easier access.
  • Check plumbing and connections: Washing a load of laundry or running water through the taps can help to determine if your plumbing is working correctly and that the household wastewater is going to your system. Your service technician will also check the sludge in your tank to establish if you should pump the system.

Why Should You Use Petes Treat Wastewater Solutions?

Our Australian owned and operated company has been servicing septic systems for more than a decade. We employ fully-trained technicians and have a wealth of knowledge about a wide selection of systems. We use the latest tools, equipment and treatment products to give a comprehensive wastewater service. Our technicians work efficiently and safely and can provide assistance 24-hours a day. Contact us for all your septic system needs.