Septic System

Get a Professional Service and Repair for Your Aerobic/Septic System

At Petes Treats Waste Water Solutions, we have been servicing Aerobic septic systems for more than a decade. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have a wealth of knowledge and use the latest equipment to ensure that your system is working efficiently. We service a wide range of aerobic systems and are adept at sales, maintenance, repairs and installations. Our technicians provide a prompt response with 24-hours phone support a day and excellent customer service.


Signs You Should Invest in Aerobic or Septic System Pumping

Keep an eye out for these signs that indicate your system needs a pump.

  • Your tank is due for a pump: Although not a sign, a scheduled pumping is more of a rule that you should follow to save yourself time, money and stress in the future. Your system should be pumped every four or more years, depending on the number of users you have in your home. This routine maintenance will mean your system is less likely to get backed up and cause issues.
  • You have sluggish draining or flushing: If you notice that your sink, shower, bath, washing machine or toilet is slow to drain, it could be an indication that you should pump your tank. Be sure to have your system assessed and pumped promptly to ensure that it works effectively and doesn’t cause damage.
  • There is standing water on your property: Pooling water on your property, especially around the tank and drain/irrigation field, means that your septic tank is full or there is a serious issue with your aerobic system. After you have pumped your tank, you should also have it inspected for any damage and repair any small issues before they become big problems.

Tips Regarding Aerobic or Septic System Maintenance

Consider these tips for home maintenance to get the best use out of your system.

  • Use water wisely: Running a lot of water through your system can cause it to fail. You can help to increase the lifespan of your system by fixing leaky taps, using low flow showerheads, spread your laundry washing out over the week and do full loads, not using the washing machine and dishwasher simultaneously and ensure that you don’t drain spa pools into your aerobic or septic tank.
  • Don’t use a garbage disposal: Garbage disposals introduce grease and solids to your system which can cause it to clog. Ensure that you also only flush toilet paper into your septic tank as other items are unsuitable for an on-site sewage system.
  • Keep your tank lid accessible: Having your tank lid easily accessible will make pumping and monitoring less time-consuming and cause a minimal mess to your property. Hire a professional to repair any minor issues with your system to decrease costly problems in the future.

About the Professionals at Petes Treat Waste Water Solutions

Our professionals are fully trained technicians who maintain safe work practices and use the best equipment for the job. We are adept at working with every make of Aerobic Waste Water System, and we offer a 24-hour on-call service. Our company is Australian owned and operated with 17yrs industry experience, and we have extensive knowledge about wastewater and septic system treatment. Contact us today to discover how our friendly and professional staff can help you.