Septic Water System

Don’t Waste Your Time. Get Our Septic Water System

Pete’s Treat offers a septic water system solution that treats your waste for you, keeping it out of your hands and mind. Our technicians maintain and service the products we provide. Here are some of our services.

GRAF Klaro Wastewater Treatment System
GRAF Septic

Related Services We Provide to Septic Waste Systems

At Pete’s Treat we service, install, and offer different products and services:

  • 24/7 technicians on call. Our Aerobic system service has our technicians connected through their mobile tablets, enabling them to respond to emergencies or calls within their areas. This modern software allows us to invoice and give clear post-service reports for you, and for council requirements.
  • We work throughout South Australia. The areas we serve are; Fleurieu Penninsula, Murraylands, Coorong, Limestone Coast, Riverland, Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Adelaide and suburbs, and Adelaide Hills. Our technicians are always available, just give us a call.
  • We service and repair. Our technicians know exactly how the products we sell work. If you need your aerobic system serviced or emptied, our professionals will do it for you. Our vehicles and technicians are branded, so you can be sure that it’s our staff when we arrive at your property.

A Short Buyers Guide for Septic Water Treatment Systems

We sell several products related to septic water treatment systems:

  • Various treatment systems. From the Graf EPro 15 to Septech (Turbo 2000), we also offer a range of products for your needs. The Graf EPro 15 is one of the best products in the water waste industry. It has a simple installation process. It has a modular design, so repair and maintenance is easier.
  • Easy install for hard to access sites.

Don’t waste time. Let us take the time to deal with the waste for you. Pete’s Treat offers professional service, installation, maintenance, and advice regarding septic tanks and water treatment systems.

Why Trust Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions Regarding Wastewater Septic Systems

We have been operating since 2007, and we have over 137 years’ experience in this field. We service most of South Australia and our technicians have quicker response times to emergencies due to our superior software. We are South Australia’s distributor for the Graf EPro aerobic system, which considered one of the best products out there.

If you need a septic water system to treat your waste, Pete’s Treat is here to provide a professional, efficient service and installation. Let us treat you by treating your waste.