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Aerobic System Service

We use the latest technology to make service, scheduling and payment simpler and more efficient for our customers. Due to our sophisticated field service software which our technicians access through mobile tablets, we have quicker response times to emergencies and all invoices are generated electronically, giving you and the Council even clearer post-servicing reports.

Our technicians work from home and are spread around the state, this also gives us quicker response times. If you have a question regarding your system and you can’t find the answer here on our site, please phone or email us your question. Technicians are on call 24/7


Ecocare Activator

One product to clean the whole house with the added benefit of conditioning your septic/aerobic system. Scientifically formulated using biological stimulants, trace elements, odour neutralising compounds, biodegradable surfactants and infusions of selected microbes the Ecocare range of products is natural, non-toxic, harmless to plants, animals and humans…and highly effective.

GRAF Septic

GRAF Septic Tanks

3750lt and 4800lt Septic tanks available.

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