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Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions Can Supply and Install Your System

Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions and our team of fully-trained and qualified technicians are here to supply, install and do maintenance on your wastewater system. The septic tank for your home performs a vital function; one most homeowners prefer to ignore when it is working well. When your wastewater system breaks or you are interested in one of the high-quality German designed and manufactured systems we supply and install, contact our team of technicians and we will handle it.

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GRAF Septic

Why a Customer Should Use Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation

When most homeowners are in the market for a new wastewater treatment system, they have pretty simple requirements. They want a system that can handle their household’s water usage and works well, so they don’t have to worry about dealing with the issue themselves. We understand and are happy to offer the GRAF EPro15 One. Here are a few of the reasons customers should choose such a superior system supplied and installed by our team:

  • The GRAF EPro15 One contains a lightweight yet incredibly durable tank with a unique assembly and sealing system to prevent leaks.
  • The main tank contains no moving parts or electrical components.
  • It is designed with economy in mind. Instead of running continuously 24 hours a day, it can require as little as 10 hours of run time per day to aerate the wastewater.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding a Wastewater Treatment Tank

We take customer service as seriously as we do the quality of our products and the work we perform. You can expect the following when you contact a member of our team:

  • In addition to supplying and installing GRAF systems, we service a wide variety of tanks made by other manufacturers.
  • When your aerobic septic system has a problem, you want it taken care of as soon as possible. We have team members on call 24/7 to deal with your potential aerobic septic issues.
  • For the fastest service, our qualified team works from home and work throughout the state. You won’t have to wait long for us to be on site.

Fun Facts about Aerobic Wastewater Systems From Pete’s Treat Waste Water Solutions

We understand that most people do not consider fun facts when they think about a waste septic tank, but that underscores our importance. The most fun you can have with your septic system is to have it running efficiently and in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. This is where our superior, German-engineered aerobic septic systems and a team of well trained and friendly technicians are important. You can have peace of mind, knowing we are taking care of any issues you have with your aerobic septic system so you can focus on more pleasant pursuits. If you are interested in learning more about our systems and services, contact us today.